New Skills

Computer Use (Int, Trained Only)

You are adept at the use of computers. While any idiot can turn on a computer and load up a file, someone trained in this skill can hack other computer over the network, recover encrypted files, and anything else that your typical movie hacker can pull off.

Note that Disable Device overlaps this ability’s function in some places. Either skill can potentially be used to disable an electronic security system, for example, though typically one approach will be easier than the other.


When hacking or performing other illicit activities, the Computer Use check is made secretly, so that you don’t necessarily know whether you’ve succeeded.

The DC depends on how difficult the task is. Hacking a fairly simple computer with no security measures has a DC of 10; more intricate and complex systems have higher DCs.

If the check succeeds, you disable the device. If it fails by 4 or less, you have failed but can try again. If you fail by 5 or more, something goes wrong. It is up to the DM to decide the consequences, but it usually involves being traced back to your location, being infected by a virus, or acquiring the wrong data. A particularly catastrophic failure may result in your computer exploding.

You can also create automated programs to do things for you, though again, a botched result can lead to unintended behavior that can likely be traced back to you.

The tools required for this job is a computer of any kind. A portable computer durable enough for the average adventurer costs 50 GP, while a masterwork version costs 100 GP and grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Use Computer checks. Obviously, you have no way to hack something if you can’t connect to it or access it somehow.

Security DC Example
Brain-Dead -5 Find funny pictures of cats on the internet. Add funny captions to funny pictures of cats that you found on the internet.
Routine 5 Write a “Hello World” function. Create a simple website.
Simple 10 Write a pathfinding algorithm. Convincingly photoshop your face into a crowd of people.
Tricky 15 Start a DDOS Attack. Hack a civilian’s personal computer.
Difficult 20 Create a computer virus. Hack a company’s database.
Extreme 25 Create an autonomous A.I. Hack a government database.
Encryption DC
Simple 20
Average 25
Good 30
Amazing 40

Also, before you ask you cannot use this as a substitute for a knowledge roll.

New Skills

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