Physical Description: 1st generation Psudoservants take after Gilgamesh more often than not, with golden blonde hair, fair skin, and piercing red eyes1. Beyond that, however, the appearances of Psudoservants are just as varied as that of humans. Normally, their appearance ends up based on what their other “parent” looked like, though since the process is imperfect this is not always true.

Society: All Psudoservants are members of the Golden Empire’s royal family, created by Gilgamesh as his vision of a “superior form of humanity”. In reality, they tend to fall under one of two unofficial factions, all of which are as ruthless as any medieval court. The Gold Faction, supported by Gilgamesh, believes wholeheartedly in their right to rule the multiverse, and is focused on strengthening the empire. The Crimson Faction, led by the Empress, believes that they should be guiding humanity to the pinnacle of it’s existence, no matter whether or not humanity agrees with them. There are plenty, however, who think both factions are idiots and want nothing to do with either of them.

Relations: Shortly after their creation, Psudoservants are taught that the strong (i.e., them) are meant to rule over the week (i.e. everyone else). Needless to say this makes relations with said races very strained, even if an individual Psudoservant doesn’t buy into this. Those that wish to keep their heritage a secret often pretend to be Human to gain the trust of others; while this is looked down upon by the Empire’s upper echelons, the Empress sees no problems with this and will in fact provide fake identification papers if they are working for the good of the empire.

Alignment and Religion: Psudoservants are a bit mentally unstable, and tend to be at the extreme ends of their alignment (i.e. Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, ect.). This is certainly not helped by the fact that Gilgamesh does little to control his progeny, prefering to let them do as they please. As for Religion, worship of deities is looked down upon though not explicitly forbidden.

Adventurers: Psudoservant tend to be very restless; even when given a land to rule over, they will find any excuse to take matters into their own hands. Some have even abandoned their imperial duties altogether, and become full-time adventurers seeking glory and excitement.

Racial Traits

Fey: As they are metaphysical beings constructed out of magics that are too complicated to describe, the are treated as Fey for all itents and purposes.
Low-Light vision: Pseudo Servants can see twice as far as normal in dim light.
Ability Score Racial Traits: Gain a +4 bonus to one ability score of your choice, a –2 penalty to one physical ability score, and a –2 penalty to one mental ability score.
Spell Resistance: Members of this race gain spell resistance equal to 6 + their character level.
Noble Phantasm: Psudoservants all have “Noble Phantasms”, magical items made of the legends that the heroic spirits were composed of. While a proper Servant’s noble phantasm would usually be an artifact or power of game-breaking abilities, a Psudoservant’s Noble Phantasm is far weaker, though still useful.

Psudoservants have 10 “Phantasm Points” to spend on their phantasms during character creation. Phantasm Points can be spent in the following ways:

  • Any Spell as a Spell-Like ability up to 3rd level usable 1/day, with Caster Level based on the Psudoservant’s character level: 1 Point per level of the spell, and can be taken up to 3 times.
  • Any Spell up to 3rd level that does not deal damage as an at-will spell-like ability: 2 Points per level of the spell.
  • A magic item that cannot be lost or stolen, though it can be consumed or destroyed: 1 Point per 1,000 GP.

DMs must be very careful about this; in the wrong hands a magic item or an at-will spell could break the game, especially at low levels.

1 Let’s quietly ignore the fact that the historical Gilgamesh didn’t look anything remotely like this; this is just what the Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night looked like.


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