Slotted Items

Occasionally, during your travels you’ll come across items that seem to have gaps that are meant to hold gems, crystals, and other foreign objects. It seems that a fair number of worlds share a common practice of creating “slotted items”, weapons and armor specially designed to be empowered by magical objects inserted into open slots. These weapons had fallen out of favor due to the fact that most kinds of “Gems”1 were mutually incompatible with each other, up until a few years ago when researchers at Rosenqueen Ltd., Sanctuary Branch developed the “Manaplug”, a specialized adapter that converts magical energies into form that literally any slotted weapon could use.

Manaplugs cost 1000 GP each, and on their own they provide a +1 bonus to a slotted weapon, but only up to +5 no matter how many slots the weapon has. Each Gem inserted into a manaplug reduces this bonus by anywhere from 1 to 5, depending on what effect it grants.

It’s hard to find people willing to sell you a slotted item, but if you can they typically go for around twice the price of a normal weapon of that kind. Ditto with the gems; they typically cost twice as much as whatever it would have cost to give an item that quality to begin with.

1 Though it does’t necessarily need to be in the form of an actual gem. A “Gem” could just as easily be a rune, a miniature tiki totem, or a crystalline puzzle piece. But for sake of clarity we’ll call them “Gems”.

Slotted Items

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