State Alchemist

Wizards and Sorcerers may be a dime a dozen in the multiverse, but the State Alchemists of Amestris are a rare breed. Versed in science, alchemy and physical combat in equal measure, they are military’s most elite warriors in both iterations of Amestris; both feared and admired the world over.

Though the military keeps their leash on State Alchemists somewhat slack, some find that the military life just isn’t for them. Such deserters typically end up falling into another nation’s clutches or wind up becoming soldiers of fortune, but a lucky few avoid both fates and become wandering adventurers somewhere else in the Multiverse.

Note: While reccomended, actually being or having been a State Alchemist is not a requirement for taking this class. In such cases, the class name changes to “Amestrian Alchemist”.

Equivalent Exchange

As Arcane Pool, except it has a cooler name.

Alchemic Research

Starting from level 6, you may gain either a Magus arcana or two Alchemist discoveries every third level. In addition, you may spend one point from your Arcane pool to make an alchemic attack equivalent to an Alchemist bomb of the same level. You may apply special bomb effects gained by discoveries to this attack.

At level 20, you make a Grand Discovery.

This ability replaces Magus Arcana.


At any time, a State Alchemist capable of drawing a symbol on a surface may either spend one point of their arcane pool or one of their spell slots to transmute any one, nonliving material as the spell “Minor Creation”.

This ability replaces Spell Recall


At 7th level, a State Alchemist can specialize in a particular spell. When preparing his spells for the day, he may choose one unprepared spell to be cast spontaneously. He may then either spend Arcana points equal to the spells level, or sacrifice a prepared spell of the same level or higher to cast the spontaneous spell.

This ability replaces Knowledge Pool.

Greater Transmutation:

At 11th level, Transmutation instead emulates the effect of Major Creation.

This ability replaces Greater Spell Recall.

State Alchemist

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